Sunday, September 25, 2011

I guess the best excuse I can give myself for not updating this site for several days now is that because "I'm busy". Really eh? I can't even convince myself to it. The truth is, I am back to my old lazy self again, not wanting to do anything but lie back and imagine about the coming days. I am both anxious and excited about it. This excitement I'm feeling totally blocks out my energy to write something although there have been events that are worth sharing actually. Have I raised some curiosity? Nah...don't worry,  I am surely sharing it here once I get to those dates I am so thrilled about.

At the campsite in Tak Province...

 Somehow, there's a bit of truth in that "busy" thing I've mentioned earlier. Last Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 17 - 18), I joined an English Camp at Tak Province which is a 2-hour drive from my place - Phitsanulok. I'll be giving more details about it in an article that I have yet to post soon. 

Last Friday, our school held a Farewell party for the teachers who will retire this month including a teacher who comes from the Foreign Language Department of my school of which I belong. I hope to share some noteworthy points in that party that gave me an impression that It's really nice to say farewell if one is given such an honor of a special tribute. Again I have to say - the story would have to be soon.

What's up for me this week? Now, that is another story as I am expecting a real tough week of completing my grades before Friday. It means having to make grades for 10 classes of Matayom Level 2 each with 50 to 55 students and six classes of Matayom Level 5 each with more or less 50 students. How about that?

And the day that comes after Friday will have it's own story that has yet to be told.


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