Friday, September 30, 2011

A sprinkle of water and a red rose for Ajarn Ben.
Here in Thailand, a teacher who retires from the service will not just leave as if nothing happens. He or She will be given due tributes before he or she goes out of the academe. With this, different organizations will hold their own tribute thus a teacher retiree has to grace three to four occasions in his or her honor. 

In my school, the first program was held on Monday (September 19).  It was the tribute by the students organized by the Student Body. In this occasion, selected students from different classes bid goodbye to the retirees. Some students presented dance and songs and they too offered jasmine garlands and white roses for the teachers. Some students and teachers were emotional. I saw several of them shed tears.

Last year, it was Ajarn Puangrat (center) who bid farewell, now its Ajarn Ben (3rd from left).
Last Friday (September 23) was the second tribute exclusively attended by administrators, teachers and staff only. The occasion was glamorous and festive. Each department has to prepare a well-rehearsed number to please the retirees. Delicious foods abound and so were the drinks as well as the gifts ans souvenirs given to the honorees. 

That was not to be the last time that these teachers felt important and special because in  separate occasions organized by their teacher's cooperative and the local Ministry of Education, similar programs were held to honor all the retirees in the whole province again just before they wave goodbye to their respective schools.

What a graceful exit. What a way to honor teachers.


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