Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dr. Nada and Dr. Abrea
Last Thursday evening I had to make a quick travel down the metropolitan Bangkok to meet two of my favorite professors (who also favor me a lot....- wink -) in PNU-AC - Dr. Adelyne M. Costelo - Abrea and Dr. Evelyn R. Nada who joined a four-day educational training with some other Filipino teachers including another professor from the PNU- Main Campus.

I was overjoyed to hug Maam Bebotte again as she was one of the few persons I've dated with before I came here last year. Maam Nada is the same familiar instructor I had many years back except for the long hair she is sporting now. Apart from that, she is still the same mentor I know who make her every move and word so theatrical and I'm glad to spend even just a short time with her. 

Enjoying Thai foods at the food hall.
I regret though that I only had so short a time with them as I had to be back last Friday evening for the scheduled camp the next day nonetheless, I still traveled back with a smiley face because aside from meeting my two instructors, I also met a good friend - Mikmik Manpatilan who treated us sumptuous dinner at the cozy food hall of Siam Paragon Mall.

Sure it was only a quick step at the city of angels - Bangkok but was a good one and if Maam Bebotte and the rest of PNU-AC will come for another visit, I would gladly do it again. What do you say Leilanie Mae Manpatilan?   :)


  1. Hahaha!We'll really have a good time if all of them will come. I was happy to see again as well. I wish you can come here again. I'll show you around, promise:-)

  2. I'll take note of this Mik ha...When is the expiration date of this invitation? I hope not too soon... :)

  3. wow...what else can i say^^