Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A blogger mate in Khon Philippine - Raya of Raya in Thailand, started this blog marathon of funny incidents that transpired in this foreign land. She shared three really hilarious incidents which I can and I believe most of us (foreigners) who are here in Thailand can relate to. For my share, here it goes.

A private vehicle is a necessity in Thailand especially if you dwell in a province like me and motorcycle is one of the basic transportation of the populace in this place so I needed to get one for myself despite the fact that I have only driven a motorcycle twice in my life - once in the Philippines and once here in Thailand (courtesy of my driving teacher - Letty) one of which I had a near-accident experience. But because, I really felt the need, I bravely took the challenge thinking that driving an automatic motorcycle was just as easy as 1,2,3.

With the help of my department head in school, I have touched for real my very first  Scoopy I motorcycle and we brought it to school since it was not yet vacation time though final exams were over. Some students were there to comply their zero grades. So to cut the story short, I was just overly excited to drive and I can't wait for someone to assist me with it. But the moment I touched the motorcycle throttle it just momentarily flew away scaring away some students and teacher who were there. It was my adrenaline rush  that told me to jump from the motorcycle so it ran by its own. Good thing there was an aisle edge that held the motorcycle from going farther. 

My embarrassment was unthinkable. The students around me were laughing and some teachers expressed their concerns but none of them affected me anymore. All I wanted during that time was for the grounds to open and eat me up. 
The experience was actually very funny and embarrassing.   :)

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  1. I totally could relate with this back in Philippines and that put me to trauma! That's why I don't want to drive motorbike by myself! you tagged me so does this mean I'm the next one to share about funny experience in Thailand...Oh no, I'm so embarrassed ...LOL!

  2. are the chosen one!!!