Thursday, September 8, 2011

Below is a masterpiece by a classmate and a good friend of mine way back in high school. I consider it a privilege that he shared this piece here in Enzo's Point. Let's all fall in love again. Read on. 

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Promise of Love
by: Jordan B. Bandojo 

Lend me your heart my darling,
        And I will whisper softly the breezes
        Of the magical words I'd kept langsyne.
        I will give to you the roses that bring
        The perfume of sweet embrace,
        Hidden in Shakespeare's promises.

Out of the darkness of the night,
        I will let the moon of my solar system
        Shine and illuminate your perfect beauty,
        And you will become my only star,
        Glistening in my constellation.

Verses I will write for you,
        So that when you read the glowing words,
        I could smell the scent of the lilacs
        Coming out from your mouth.

Eros will then wake up from his deific repose,
        And I will bestow to you the amulet of love
        That would cling us to the horizon of forever.
        Let me embrace you...
        And kiss you...
        Amid this Elysian daylight
        As I give you this promise of love.

Jordan B. Bandojo graduated Valedictorian at Esperanza National High School, Class of 1997. He finished Bachelor of Science in Physics at the University of San Carlos, Cebu City and is now a team manager of a call center company in Manila.


  1. amazing.. parang hindi napahinga yung pagsusulat a.. hehe.. more..

  2. Share ka din dito ng mga products of the mind mo JH Alms... :)

  3. Thank you so much enzo for giving me a space in your wonderful blog site. Thank you for sharing your high caliber talent in writing. @ JH Alms, thank you for the appreciation.

  4. i have no idea on how you can work on it, but you can check this out: