Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We survived!

Thus exclaimed the participants of the 1st P'lok Pinoyz Spiritual Camp held at Phu Hin Ronghkla National Park, September 3-4, 2011 actively joined by the Filipino Community of Phitsanulok and its nearby provinces with two foreign participants - Jacob (New Zealand) and Mai (USA).

The camp kicked-off with a short opening ceremony and camp orientation by P'lok Pinoy officers. The Team Building Activity directly followed which was facilitated by Mr. Andy Noces Cubalit who challenged the four groups (Yellow, Red, White and Pink) to create an organizational chart of their respective teams. Right after the dinner, Bro. Reginald Lartec shared a biblical message relevant to spiritual growth. At one point, he challenged the campers to let go of condemnation, sinfulness and embrace Christ. 

During the Consecration, Sis. Prime Obon - Laput, took the campers to a majestic cave. What was to be a fun-filled trip had a sudden twist when the campers had come face to face with death inside the cave. The tourists were challenged to convince God as to why should they be given a second chance of life. Many shed tears during the prayer  time. The next speaker talked about Trust. The jovial and cheerful Jared Teves showed his serious side when he shared his testimony about trusting God. "Sometimes, we focus on the things on earth, that we don't see God anymore," he further stated.

The topic about trust was put into application with the next activity - Trust Walk wherein each group of campers were blindfolded and was taken to a walk while holding each others hand. The challenge was to test how far can they put their trust to their guide who was the sole person who can see the path they were walking through. The last activity of the night was the War Game. The activity which was poetically entitled  When Love and Hate Collides, required each group to steal the other team's flaglet. The campsite suddenly turned into a war zone when the members of the four warring teams unleashed their rage and extreme desire to usurp the other team's flag. 

The second day started with Let's Get Physical lead by Dr. Karla Doysabas. Then came the morning walk heading to the Phu Hin Rongkhla Nodule Park. The group trailed along the wet and slippery path going to the nodules site. When the campers arrived at the place, they were greeted by a beautiful scenario of verdant trees and white and misty fog. Sis. Unice Cubalit lead the group in the morning devotion while the cool and gentle morning breeze magnified God's presence in the place. It was a perfect moment with the Lord. The Treasure Hunting was the last challenge given to the campers which was facilitated by Mr. and Mrs. Emil Olaer. 

The Judgment Time was held right after lunch time wherein Bro. Edmund Laput and Mr. Lorenzo Caballes, Jr. revealed the bad deeds and the good deeds of each group as scribbled in the Book of Life by the Camp Angels (Mary Joy Talagtag, Prime Obon- Laput, Letty Comeros and Artemio Lunaria, Jr. )  and Camp Demons ( John Patrick Benliro, Leah Doysabas, Beverly Tacay, and Andy Cubalit).
Special recognitions were also given to the Yellow Team ( Over-all Winner, Best Flag, War Game Champ,  Best Camper - Geraldine), White Team (Trust Walk Champ, Treasure Hunting Champ), Red Team and Pink Team for their enthusiasm and cooperation in all the activities of the camp.

Despite some minor untoward incidents, the first P'lok Pinoyz Spiritual Camp spearheaded  by  the P'lok Pinoy Council was a resounding success as indicated by an 8 out of 10 rating given by the participants. 


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