Friday, September 30, 2011

Ajarn Ben
 When I first came to the school where I am now, I was apprehensive. Everything was new to me and I hardly can understand any Thai word. It was a great deal of adjustment when it comes to dealing with my new school, language, students, and teachers. But surprisingly, it didn't take long that I was able to adapt to my new environment. Thanks to the very warm, accommodating and very supportive Thai teachers in school. 

One of them is Ajarn Benja Sombat. At first, I got the impression that she was strict but later I found out that I was totally wrong. Ajarn Ben is a very nice lady. She is warm and sincere. Most of our conversations are all about family matters. She is just very interested especially when I talk to her about my old folks. Not only that, Ajarn Ben is one of the best English teachers in school. 

It saddens me though that in the coming days I will not be seeing her often because at the age of 53 she availed the early retirement program of the government after 32 years of teaching. I must say, she is a great loss to this school but on the other hand, I am also glad that she will have much time to relax, and travel with her family especially her only grandson in Bangkok.

This isn't a goodbye Ajarn Ben but FAREWELL...May the Divine Almighty whom we believe to be the source of life guide you and gives you all your heart's desires.


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