Monday, August 15, 2011

The Plok Pinoyz Council plus 2
 The P'lok Pinoy officers went to Pu Hin Rongkhla National Park last Friday (Aug. 12) as the whole Kingdom celebrated the Queen's birthday and Mothers' Day, to conduct an ocular inspection for its incoming Spiritual Survival Camp. Sir Edmund and I being the in-charge of this committee gladly joined them in this trip. It was my second time in Pu Hin. The trip going there was a lot of fun as expected. We never stopped laughing until we reached the place as we never ran out of jokes and funny stories. 

The Water Wheel Site
 Upon arrival, we were greeted by the cool weather and the warmth of the staff. After making the necessary arrangements, we headed to the nearest landmarks of the place. First, we went to the nearest waterfall where a water wheel was constructed long time ago. We took pictures to capture the majestic beauty of the place.  Then, to the trail site. Because it was already running late and the skies threatened to let out the rain, we decided not to go but we were persuaded by the guards to go on a little bit farther so we went on. We passed through a small road surrounded by green vegetation before we came to the vast stony area which was suppose to be the first point of the whole trail spot. 

An Angel Without Wings
After several clicks of the camera we decided to head back as it started to drizzle but just as we turn our heads and began to retrace our steps back, the place suddenly turned foggy. We were in awe with what nature has spectacularly shown us. It was as if the heavens came down and kissed the earth. It was wonderful seeing the white mist enveloping the place where we were. It felt like heaven when we could not see any thing but the white fog around us. Although the rain has started to fall, we opted to stay for a little while more to capture the glorious scenery. When we returned to our van, we were already soaking wet but there was no sign of regret for it. 

Heaven on Earth
What a holiday it was. Am I still on for my third visit? Definitely! And that is coming too soon in time of P'lok Pinoyz Spiritual Survival Camp coming September 3 and 4.  If  you love spending time with nature's bosom, this is where you should be and don't just take my words for it, join us and write your own story about the place.


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