Thursday, August 18, 2011

When was the last time you had a thrill ride? What I meant about thrill ride is something that rocks your world, a ride that made you shout at the top of your lungs...a ride which could top your "ride of a lifetime" list. I had it a couple of weeks ago.
I was among the eight Filipino teachers to be invited at the English Camp of Naresuan University Demonstration School along with Ate Nancy, Ate Angging, Nheng, Bro. Reggie, Mheng, Ben and Paulo. It was an opportunity that paved a way for my first and hopefully not the last ride experience in a Boomerang, a mini roller coaster at Siam National Park (Bangkok) where the camp was held. 

 At first, it both looked exhilarating and scary to watch those who went ahead of us especially when  the joy riders gave out their loudest scream the moment they were thrown into the air at a maximum speed. I thought, I could never do it. But Ate Nancy's words and her guts to go convinced  me to give it a try, "Conquer your fear" so she said. Though hesitant and terrified deep inside, I boarded on and locked myself in my seat even minutes before the engine will start so I could not back out. Ate Nancy however, had to get off because her heart began to palpitate rapidly. 

So the ride started going up at a snail's pace, moving gently and deliberately then in a flash, I felt I was going against the wind flying speedily. For a moment, I could not let out a scream until I realized I was turned upside down so I let go of  a deafening shout as much as I could. Another upside down turn then, stop. Before I could open my eyes to gaze upon the view atop, down we go again in the same speed as how we reached the peak tracing the ups, downs, turns and the rolls of the roller coaster. What a relief when the ride finally came to a halt.

I jumped off from the coaster dazed and shaky but not quite sure if I had successfully conquered my fear. But one thing is for certain - it was indeed one hell of a ROLLER COASTER ride!



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