Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One of the most awaited school activities here in Thailand is the school sporting event which usually runs two to three weeks with three culminating days depending on the school administrators. In my school, sports days are held on the second week of August. Ball games are held every afternoon at the very start of the month which means classes have to be shortened and this gives the students unfathomable joy because most of them would rather play all day  rather than spending an hour in the classroom to study.
Orange Team - Day 2: Cowboy Theme 

Beauteous Cheerleaders
Like the students, I am just as excited for this to come because it means a whole week of  class holiday, a mini-break as I call it. But the creme de la creme has yet to come because in the most awaited culminating days, each team will have to out do each other in cheer leading - strictly, the Thai way as this athletic event turns into a showdown of beauty, craftsmanship and creativity which is truly admirable. Worth mentioning is that , their team booth, props, songs and yells are all prepared by the students (with a little help from their friends who act as their trainers) without any aid nor supervision by their teachers.

Si Fa (Team Sky Blue)

Blue Cocktail Dress
Each of those three days starts with an opening salvo by the six color teams. Usually, they start with a dance show dramatizing their rich Thai history then songs and yells follow which for me aren't actually that impressive but the most notable are the colorful and fabulous costumes worn by the selected cheerleaders of each group.

Green Fairies
The Greens

Where in the world can we find cheerleaders wear elaborate gowns and dresses? Let alone in Thailand can we find them because this is Amazing Thailand!


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