Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Poinsettia for Dr. Abrea
We all have heroes or someone we admire most. We all have best friends, best buddies, best teachers, best instructors. They are those who we will always look up to because they have imparted much for being who we are today.

As a PNUan, I consider myself lucky because I have been under the tutelage of mentors who never stop learning to become the best in the field and more importantly, they too, go an extra mile to become not just teachers but "nanays" , sisters, friends and even "kumares".   

Today, DR. ADELYNE M. COSTELO - ABREA, the current Executive Director of Philippine Normal University - Agusan Campus, celebrates her birthday and I join with the whole bunch of her students (the present and the former ones), friends, colleagues, relatives and family in wishing her blessings on this very happy occasion. 

William Arthur Ward once quoted, "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires". Indeed, you aren't just a good teacher nor a superior teacher for many PNUans but a great teacher for you have inspired us to excel as set by your own example.

All the best Ma'am Bebote. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


  1. thanks dear yane for dropping by --- love you and miss you...

  2. Two thumbs up, Lor! I totally agree! Ma'am bebotte is not just a good and superior teacher, but she is indeed a great one! Hats off to u mam..Thank you for everthing! were, are, and will always be an inspiration to every1..We are so happy for what u have achieved now..u truly deserve it! Belated happy bday mam..I coudn't wish u for more because u are so much blessed already...with good health, loving family and friends around u, and a suuceeful career...always remember that u are always remembered! :-)

  3. Shilamie,

    Surely Ma'am Bebotte will appreciate your words...Thank you for dropping by.

  4. liz gatao-troyerFriday, August 19, 2011

    I absolutely agree!!! Love her!

  5. Adelyne M. Costelo-AbreaSaturday, August 20, 2011

    I am deeply touched by the gesture, Lorenz...and to the others who agreed (He,he,he...)