Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If only I can help it, I would not go to school on Tuesdays because I am having the worst class at the last period of the day. It means that, I will be ending the day with a heavy heart and fully stressed as if I am working straight without taking a break from morning 'til afternoon.

Pun, Bass, Mek (partly hidden) & Mik
But thank God that my day is not yet to end because I have an hour class with four lovely kids whom I considered heaven-sent. They simply turn a bad afternoon to a delightful one with their laughter, screams and playfulness. With them, I play hide and seek, war game, ninja - ninja, and basketball. With them, I  can be a cook, a waiter, a costumer, a band singer, a drummer, a pianist, a guitarist, a zoo-keeper, a sensei, a kukadoo (according to Pun which meaning I still don't know till now...). With these kids, singing Shalala, Banana Song, Five Little Ducks, It's a Small World is genuinely enjoyable. 

 When I laugh with them, I laugh from my heart with real joy...without any pretensions. They just bring out the child in me. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet my four little friends - Mek, Pun, Bass and Mik. 



  1. I like your four little friends. It is an interesting story.