Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The White Temple.
As if only yesterday when I spent one Saturday afternoon in Naresuan University grounds for a holiday picnic with newly found friends in I Mission group. Back then, we shared a hearty and heavy snack which was followed by never-ending clicks of Kuya Joma’s camera and the unparalleled poses and moves of each one to satiate the photographer’s need for models and photography subjects. Conversation  topics shifted from one subject to another. The place was filled with our laughter  unmindful of those passersby and even those who were in the place to hang-out like us. It was Thailand’s long holiday in time with 2 Buddhist Holidays.

The White Temple and I.
A year after, the event had a repeat in the same grounds where we had so much bruhahahaha and bruhihihihi.Just as before, we spent few hours in the university White Temple built in the middle of a man-made pond for another set of picture taking until the darkness fell. What set this evening apart from last time was the beautiful moon that gave us a truly majestic background adding drama and mystery to each of Brother Reggie’s shoot.

The White Temple and the I Mission.
We missed some friends though but happy to welcome new addition to the family. Lots of pictures were taken to capture the moments we shared with each other but more than those imprinted in the photographs the happy moments shared with each one during that day will forever be carved in each of our hearts. 


  1. u made me laugh w/ ur bruhaha and bruhihisss.that sounds like a lot of fun:)

  2. thailand never fails to give us the luxury to enjoy and relax with friends with its holidaysssss... another long weekend coming...wehehe :D

  3. i like the white temple. it feels like calming your inner soul. "Inner Peace". and else, I laughed the bruhahaha and bruhihihi. so cute!

  4. sounds like thailand is a fun place to go... i like the temple also :)

    here for WW!

    happy WW!

    hope to see you there also, thanks!

  5. wow! these are nice shots! love the white temple! was here for WW!

  6. wow, what a nostalgia...nice photos too.. labay ko sir for WW.

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  8. looks fun and super like the photos..
    Visiting from Wednesday Whites..
    Have a nice day!
    Here’s mine..

  9. wow..i wish i could also visit Thailand... naka anha ko BKK pero airport lang kay stopover namo from Sweden..hehe.

    Anyway, was here for WW.

  10. I could have visited the place if i didn't decline the offer to travel to Thailand. Haist! The temple's structure looks interesting, i wonder how it's like seeing it for real.

    here from WW

  11. nice photos!! but aren't we supposed to be quiet when in temple grounds? hahaa.. wala juy maka pugong basta with friends ug bibo na ang storya no? mao na ilang ingon sabaan daw ang mga pinoy! ;) thanks for joining WW again this week, enzo!

  12. that's a very interesting place and a lovely temple! great to be with friends as always! i think its my first time here...thanks for sharing something about thailand, will read more of your previous post, can't wait for our move to bangkok soon! :) visiting late from WW, have a great weekend!