Sunday, July 17, 2011


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 I am really hesitant to get myself a credit card despite its evident need. For an impulsive buyer like me, having one may just trigger the impulse more especially in this place where sales up to 50 – 70 % off on really good brand names are frequent.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against having credit cards; in fact, I see it as a necessity these days because there are companies that prefer to take credit cards rather than cash. This is particularly true to most airlines, hotels, shopping malls, etc. When it comes to safety, I need not spell it out further as it is pretty obvious that carrying cash invites untoward incidents such as holdups and other similar cases. In addition, this may also offer extra protection in cases the purchased item is lost, damaged or stolen because billing statements can be used to vouch that you have really made the purchase even if in the absence of the official receipt.

Having a credit card is like having free money. Without proper credit score monitoring, higher tendencies of spending are much of possibility thus greater chances of blowing one’s budget. While purchasing may seem a lot easier, the paying time isn’t at all the same as this since high interest rates may turn your shopping glee into agony with the increased debt.

But it seems that I already found a solution for this because today I just happen to watch a video on You Tube about this CreditSesame which is an online help to manage one’s credit score. With this at hand, I might just consider applying my first credit card very soon.

It's my adventurous side that tells me to try on new things such as this regardless of the pros and cons in the end. How about you? Do you love numbers and savings as much as I do? Then, online accounting classes might be right for you or how about a forensic accounting degree to keep track of your finances?

As for me, my mind is set to get that very first credit card of mine. After then shall I decide what to venture next.


  1. it's a personal preference to have one...though we differ in our purchasing power, its convenience is undeniably tempting...

  2. hehhe.naunsa ba na anonymous nman ko...ehehhee....c iris ni...

    glad you have one enz, so swipe wisely ha?ehhehe

  3. day iris...wala pa as of now...but considering... :)
    thanks for dropping by...

  4. no prob...

    i know you can come up with a good decision...ikaw pa!!!!

    by then, enjoy shopping!!!!