Monday, June 13, 2011


P'lok Pinoyz plus one.
PHITSANULOK, Thailand. We have proven once again that in unity there is strength!

P'lok Pinoyz, the Filipino community of Phitsanulok, Thailand was in one with the whole Philippines in commemorating the 113th Philippine Independence, April 11 at Amarin Lagoon Hotel through a simple yet memorable celebration participated by more or less than a hundred Filipinos in Phitsanulok and its nearby provinces with the theme - Nagkakaisang P'lok Pinoy sa pagtataguyod ng Kasarinlan.

It was highlighted with a Barrio Fiesta Booth and Food Display by the different regional groups. The groupings include:  Group 1 - CAR, Regions 1,2 and 3; Group 2 - Regions 4A and 4B; Group 3 - Regions 4,5,6, 11,12 and 13; Group 4 - Regions 7 and 8; Group 5 - Regions 9 and 10. Each of the group prepared special Filipino dishes and delicacies from their respective regions.

But the main event of the night was the showcase of talents of each group which ,despite of the very short time of preparation, brought the house down.  

Tribal War.
An authentic cultural presentation from Group 1 left the audience in awe. It was a mixture of war dance, then courtship dance and a song interpretation of the folk song - Manang Biday.


Team Region 4-A and B captured the foreign guests and all the Filipinos alike with their choral presentation of the folk song - Pandangguhan and the nationalistic song - Ang Bayan Kong Pilipinas


The third group happened to have the most number of regions but ironically with the least participants treated their audience with a Bicolano folk song - Sarung Bangui and an Ilonggo folk song - Dandansoy.  

The venue suddenly turned festive with Team 4's own version of Sinulog. It was a dance dramatizing the miracles performed by the child Jesus famously known as Santo Nino.

The number that impressed the foreign judges  that night was the Kaamulan Cultural dance presentation of the Regions 9 and 10. They eventually brought home the top prize of the P'lok Pinoy Got Talent showcase.

Simply DJ.
Other talented P'lok Pinoyz who shared their talents included Mr. Paulo Masangcay Bedonia and Ms. Marydeth Naranjo who both gave a powerful rendition of the songs Abutin Mo and Isang Lahi respectively. At the age of 13, Darryl Jade Villaester has already been gifted with dancing moves that left everyone in the crowd amazed. Miss Letty Comeros also shared her other side by an interpretation of the Visayan song - Pasayawa Ko Day.

Mr. Helmer Montejo and Ms. Gina Chantengco were the night's distinguished masters of ceremony while Miss Karen  Batac and Mir. Jiggs Paradero were the game facilitators. The P'lok Pinoy council is headed by Miss Leah Doysabas.

To top it all, the commemoration of the 113th Philippine Independence Day - Phitsanulok Version was a resounding success proving once again that no matter how short the time of preparation, when there is unity, there is strength yielding success.

Photo Credits: Click Art Photography, Joma Cordova, Leah Doysabas, Beth Comeros Robles and Helmer Montejo.