Wednesday, June 1, 2011

 It is true that you will only realize the worth of a person till you don't see them often. My account is about my sister whom I detest so much as a kid. Back then, she always have to cut my play time because I need to fetch water from the nearby pump well or ask me to buy shampoo at the sari-sari store few blocks from our house. The worst torture is when she had to let me apply wax on the floor and had to scrub them until they become shiny as crystals. I just could not perceive why a little tyke like me had to go through those burdens when she could have done them by herself. 

When she got married and had to separate from us, things started to change. I started to miss those days when I cry because of her pinches and most of all, I missed living in a spick and span house. Then I realized, it's really different when you have a sister. When you have one, you are spared of doing the cooking jobs, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and sure you will get all your parents' attention each time she gives you a spank.

I have two other sisters - Manang Bebie and Manang Marietta (deceased) but I am talking about my Ate Jocelyn who is celebrating her birthday today. 

In life, she had been through a lot but she is a fighter in fact a warrior. Her strong-willed persona brought her to places where others could never be. Where I am now is greatly inspired by her example. She indirectly taught me to be brave enough to seek for a wider horizon which I did and I am grateful for the inspiration. 

Happy Birthday 
Ate Celyn... 

You're special, 
You're a sister who fights with me, 
plays with me, 
shouts at me and annoys me. 
But you're a great person on the inside 
and I love you my dear sister. 



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