Saturday, May 7, 2011


7 years is not too long ago.
 For those lucky individuals who successfully made it to their quest for a university degree last month or last March, they all deserve warm congratulatory remarks for a job they have all patiently and excellently carried out. And again, this point in everyone’s life is yet another crucial deciding stage as to which way to go next or what should the next step be.   
While maybe some of them prefer to take a break for a while before plunging into the world of being a career-man or woman, most of them of course are into job hunting. I remember myself several years ago, months before graduation, I was already busy contemplating as to where should I possibly apply for a teaching job. Back then, I even listed a number of choices and I was just blessed to have been in a school where I was to spend the next six years of my teaching career.

But of course, having that university diploma is never an assurance of a flourishing job; they have yet to pass a major ordeal before they could finally see their names inscribed in the prestigious roster of professionals. Passing their respective professional examinations is a gauge on how capable they are to practice their chosen field. This has to be a make or break juncture and I must say that all the reviews at hand are supposed to be taken seriously. 

In all kinds of reviews - bar exam reviews, nursing reviews, licensure examination for teachers reviews, civil engineering reviews, accountancy reviews, and all the rest, focus and concentration is needed. Take as much as available knowledge that you can get and recall because literally and figuratively speaking, your future depends on it. 

Asking for divine providence will eventually complete the process. This passage has it, “Do your best, God will do the rest.” This further tells us to do everything we can and God will do those things we can’t. Miracles do happen every day. This might just be one of your miracles if you put your trust in Him.  

Believe me, when you get to pass this stage, you will be able to taste the genuine sweetness of success and you’ll feel a warmer sense of congratulatory remarks from friends and loved ones and if asked with the same question: Whither goest thou young graduate? 

You’ll sure to answer back with confidence and certainty: “Off to the career world!”

enzo :)


  1. I agree. finding a good job is really challenging. Good luck to all new batch of graduates.

  2. awww! you look great and how happy you are Sir :-)