Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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 There had been a clamor among ABS - CBN Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 followers with two of the judges'  favoring the Madrigal Siblings (finalist) over Rico The Magician (finalist) despite the fact that the latter got the second highest vote from among the texters during its Semi - Finals Episode aired, May 01.

The Freestylers was announced to have earned the highest text votes which automatically qualified themselves to the finals leaving the fate of the other two acts in the hands of the three judges.Then,  Rico The Magician performed his magic tricks  in front of the mesmerized crowd. When it was time for the Madrigal Siblings to perform, they belted their lungs out as if there was no tomorrow. It was a difficult situation for the three judges to cast their votes - both acts were excellent and the audience had their own personal favorites. Mr. Freddie M. Garcia voted for Rico The Magician then Kris Aquino gave her nod to the Madrigal Siblings. Ai-ai delas Alas had to break the tie. Before giving her verdict, Ai-ai said some words giving hints as to whom she was to pick and as predicted, she gave her yes to the young performers. 

The episode was not to end that way, when the hosts asked for final words from the judges Kris Aquino had apologize to Rico in tears citing that she had no idea how Ai-ai delas Alas would vote. She further stated that Rico got more of his text votes only that she was more impressed with the Madrigal's performance that evening thus the nature of her decision. Ai-ai delas Alas also in tears just repeated what she said earlier of the show. 

With the drama that happened, the two lady judges just appeared to be so defensive. It would have been better to have not said anything at all. Breaking into tears, I think, will not help convince those who favor for Rico The Magician to agree with what they decided for. Kris Aquino and Ai-ai delas Alas have already emphasized that they were more impressed with the singing act than the magic tricks which to me is already enough to explain how they came up with the decision. 

I have nothing against the judges nor their verdict because in any competition, the judges' decision is always final and irrevocable. Ai-ai stood firm with her decision even though during that moment was quite unpopular and I think that is commendable. As a reply to Mr. Cool Roy's  question in his You Tube Channel whether Do Ai-ai delas Alas and Kris Aquino still deserve respect for sticking to their own opinion? I would say definitely, yes. These people have been in the showbiz industry for a long long time and they have not remained where they are for no reason at all. 

Apart from the drama effects, I'm cool with singers against the dancers on the Pilipinas Got Talent Finals and I guess the ultimate winner is determined through text vote so this time it would be the voice of the majority that matters. The final question would be: Who would be the next Pilipinas' Most Talented to come after Jovit Baldivino? 

The answer is yet to come...


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