Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Mama Awardee
 Dearest  Mama,

You may not know it but it is from you that I learned my letter writing skill. Do you remember when you used to let me write a letter to "Manang Bebie" and "Manong Nelson" when I was still an elementary pupil? I still can memorize the very first paragraph of those letters. It has always been the same in all the letters and you know what Mama, until now I am still using them in many of my letters. You have always been so spontaneous that sometimes I needed to let you repeat your sentences over and over again. I was a slow writer then, even clumsy. The truth is, I just had to make my handwriting so elaborate because I wanted to impress you. You have a very neat penmanship and no matter how I tried to duplicate it, I just can't.   

And there is another thing that I cannot surpass or even equate in you, it is your industry and diligence. Most of the time, you were with Papa in the farm planting, weeding, or harvesting the crops. I always had to do my home works and school projects all by myself because you were always tired from a hard day's work. Sometimes, you even go home too late during harvest seasons. I never understood why you had to work really hard especially that you were just too hard on me about money matters. I know it is just too selfish of me not to have thought that all you did was for us your children.      

I have always been a mama's boy. Many would say that because I am the youngest you spoiled me just like all the other children in the neighborhood. But you were not that expressive. Do you remember that moment in my Junior year when I joined a certain contest in school and you surprised me with your presence on stage? When you kissed me on my cheek, I was not able to hold back my tears because it was the first time you showed how special I am to you. Of course I know you have always loved me, it's just that I am stubborn and I often demand for something more than you can give.

But you know what Mama? Never that I'll forget your ultimate sacrifice for me just to achieve my university degree. When you and Papa gave up smoking (something which you once said, you can't live without) just so to save up for my weekly allowance in school, it really inspired me to do everything just to get to the finish line with flying colors, I may have not graduated with academic honors but having garnered those three special awards  may had somehow paid off all the sacrifice you did just so I could follow my dreams.  

We have had a lot of arguments in the past but it doesn't mean that I love you less. I am not the best son but I am glad God gave me a Mama who could understand all my imperfections. Like you, I don't often express myself to you because I find it awkward and corny but let this day be apart from the rest because it is a special day for all the Mama's in the world.   

The Facebook world has been all about mothers these past few days. If you can only browse the net and read every beautiful words that my friends have for their mothers perhaps you would shed some tears because they really all are touching. Every time I read them, I feel a sense of guilt because I have not made one for you because I was thinking it would no make any sense since you will not be able to read it anyway. 

Nonetheless, here I am, scribbling hundreds of words but let me summarize it for you this way -

If I'd be born again and I'd be given a chance by God to pick for a mother, I'd still choose you Ma, because I am what I am today because I have one Mama that's YOU. 

Happy Mother's Day , Mama. 

jojo :)


  1. Aw, this is so touching! Kung ako nanay mo, I'll say, I'm proud of you anak. How I wish I can receive this kind of letter from my kids too. This way, I would know that even if there were times I think I wasn't doing the right thing, reading something like this would be enough to know what I thought was harsh or wrong might be right after all. Followed you and added you in my blogroll! thanks!

  2. OMG, so touching naman your story enzo as in pang maala-ala mo kaya naman nah kay Ate Charo bah for sure winner gyud ka. Seriously, what a wonderful parents you have because of them you are where you are and what you become! Happy Mother's Day to your mama:) Added you na sa akong bloglist, thank's for the add:)

  3. Hi Enzo, belated Happy Mother's Day to your beloved mama.. she is blessed having you!

    It's me,

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  4. wow.thats so sweet of you! salamat sa pg follow..followed you back! see you around!

    by the way..have new site maybe you can drop by..needs follower too..hehe!

    adtoon sad nako imo uban gingharian..hehhe

  5. wahhhh/// love this one lor... print this one for your mom... in a very nice paper with all the border things in it... mail it to her or whatever way, just make sure she will get a hold of it... this will be a treasure for her.... :-)tatanG