Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cake from I Mission. Photo from Ben.
God added another year for me to celebrate the day I was brought to life and many friends, former students and loved ones  spent a minute or two just so to greet me a happy birthday through my facebook account. I was deeply moved with the thoughts that came along with those simple greetings. Some dear friends scribbled more than greetings but messages to my delight and I want to share them here.


i want to let you know that:

1. i miss you.
2. i always look up to you.
3. i'm always excited to see your new pics.
4. i always love to read your new blog.
5. i pray that the Lord will give you the easiest way to achieve your dreams in life, if it may not be easy, He will provide you enough strength to go on.
6. i always look forward to what you will become in the future - you are so promising!
7. that somehow ,sometime in the future, i'd be able to bond with you, dance with you, host with you, plan a wedding with you, laugh with you, and share future plans with you.
8. happy birthday!

why do i have it until the 8th? well they say its a lucky number! mwah! i love you kuya lorenz!
Whoah, another big day dong! Happy happy birthday! I miss the old times :-(.... I miss your cake and lechon :-)... Most of all, i miss you so much dong. May God protect and guide you always. Luv yah! Enjoy your day! 
Thank you for being a part of my life! I owe you soo much tser!
Now that it's your day, I wish you all the best!
May God continue to bless you always...
love yah tser! and mishoo much! Take care! mwah! ;* :D ♥
happy birthday dong...

your friendship is always a blessing
may this day be filled with overflowing happiness and sweet memories
another year to explore all the wonders and joy from Him... enjoy
...though the absence of our cake is inevitable again but you do know that were always here for you

misyah and labyah lor... be safe. have a blast.
Hi..Tser, Greet ko daan sa imo Happy...Happy Birthday,may the Lord give you more glory,power, triumph,righteousness and holiness. 
You're such a man of God,keep it up,I believe in my heart that there will be more greatest things in your journey.once again my prayer that there will be more more years to come in you life.God will establish the works of you hands and prosper you in all your ways.missed you much.and take care always. 
Pastora Helen
seize the many more surprises that remain to be poured from the gates of heavens. keep spreading God's goodness and sharing your gifts and making differences and even touching lives. to sum it up, happy birthday to one good gift to us. God bless you more. enjoy your special day. 
Miss Che via text message
My sincerest THANK YOU for visiting my wall and dropping felicitations on this very special occasion of my life. My GOD who have been so faithful to me all throughout these years will continue to bless you more for your thoughtfulness.

enzo :) 


  1. enzo... more beautiful and colorful years to come. Happy Birthday parts! :)

  2. thanks bri...we missed you in the party!

  3. lamat dong mike...thanks for dropping by...