Monday, May 16, 2011

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 I went to the fair last night and oh my, it was crazy and fun!

I am not a kid anymore but I still enjoy some things that most kids do. You may call it fixation but hey, it's nice to step out from being an adult and be a child once in a while. Last night, I went to the fair and I had fun with the young kids - Andre, Angel and Louie and the young once - Letty, etc. :) ... and the youngsters of course including me, myself and I. 

The Crazy Wave ride was inviting and so was the Viking ride but I just contented myself with watching the riders from afar empathizing on their feelings as they were thrown back and forth in the air. The Elephant Ride seemed exciting too, it showed in Andre's, Angel's and in Alex's and Day Josie's face after they got off. All the other rides were risky and so I did not dare took them. The Shake and Roll Ride was hair raiser. It was hilarious looking at those who struggled to keep themselves at their places when the big basin started to spin. Some were even thrown out of their seats losing their composure. :) :) :)

Lala and I took the Octopus Ride where we shouted our lungs out not minding all the other riders who seem so behaved and proper. Although it was short and brief, it was crazy and fun altogether. Then I took my last ride of the night, it was to be my first experience in 30 years, it was to be the fulfillment of a deprived childhood wish...

At last! I had ridden a Merry Go Round Carousel...

enzo :)  


  1. following you already on one of my blogs, but i can't seem to find my link here..btw, i tried the octopus ride years ago..nalifong ko hehehe!