Tuesday, April 5, 2011


When I first saw this video of an innocent boy doing this inappropriate dance moves while crying in front of a very amused crowd, I felt really moved for the child rather than entertained. In fact, it was not at all entertaining but disgusting. My heart was with the little child who seemed so helpless amidst insensitive adults whose peals of laughter get louder and louder each time the TV show host would ask him to dance once again. At the back of my mind, I was asking; Why would such an innocent child be taught such kind of dancing? Why would such a television channel airs such kind of unbecoming treatment to a child? Why was there nobody came to rescue the crying Jan Jan to take him out of that very miserable situation he was in?

I am not the only one who bears this kind of reaction. It has generated uproars from the different sectors such as the Human Rights Commission, the DSWD,  and it has spurned the interest of the public and as expected reactions fall into two major divisions - those who says nothing is wrong with a six year-old child doing a macho dancer routine and the other, those who are completely against it.

This next video is even sadder or worst than the previous one.

These are no less than the parents of the boy telling the whole world that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way Jan Jan dances and how he was treated in that particular TV show. I dare say, How irresponsible these parents are! Among everybody else, they should be the one protecting this angel God has given them but no, they push him even more for their own selfish desire to earn fame and fortune.Yes, dancing is a gift but never will a child be able to learn this way  if nobody taught him. The father is even so proud that this is the talent of his child. What? Like Jan Jan was born gyrating out of his mother's womb?

At some point of this whole video, the father confidently stated that: " Sabi ko ay kagustuhan ng anak ko yun...Hindi naman yun...At syempre gusto ng anak kong mag-artista kaya yun ang ginawa niya para maiba siya at mapansin siya ng ibang tao...Sabi ko eh di...sinuportahan ko lang naman yung anak ko, eh yun ang gusto nya eh..." (I said, that's what my son wants, It's not...And of course, my son wants to be a celebrity so that's what he did to be different from the rest and people will notice him...I told them, I just supported my son because that's what he wants...)

And I would like to revise this whole line this way: " Kagustuhan ko yun...Syempre gusto ko na mag-artista ang anak ko kaya yun ang ipinagawa ko sa kanya para maiba sya at mapansin sya ng ibang tao...Susundin ako ng anak ko kasi yun ang gusto ko." (That's what I wanted, Of course, I want my son to be a celebrity so I let him did that so he will be different from the rest and people will notice him. My son should follow me because that's what I wanted.)

How nice of this little boy to know what he wants in life at a very young age. That he never wants to run around and play but go to work, earn a living for his family. And he knows what he wants - to be an actor, a celebrity. I wonder how he knows that there is a great deal of money in showbusiness?

According to Mr. Revillame: " Kaya naman namin pina ulit-ulit ang sayaw ng bata, kasi GUSTONG GUSTO ng bata na sumayaw..." (The reason why we let the boy danced over and over again is because he REALLY wanted to dance...)

So, all the boy's tears while he danced in the midst of roaring crowd was his way of showing how he  REALLY wanted to dance? I guess not. The boy would have been so relieved had someone pulled him out from there at once.
The excuse that Jan Jan showed his innate talent in that TV show because he just wanted to be discovered  and eventually alleviate the status of his family is a very pathetic excuse. In the first place, it is not the boy's responsibility to earn a living for his young and still very capable parents, most especially not as a six year-old little boy.

Poverty should never be used as excuse for irresponsible parenthood and never should it be utilized to gain out of people's desperate attempt to take a shot at an easy money as promised by these irresponsible TV programming.  

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