Saturday, April 2, 2011

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April officially starts the school summer vacation here in Thailand although classes have long been ended as early as February. In those two months, I just had to come to school to scan for attendance then go anywhere as I please after I made sure that my grades have already been submitted.  Coming to school with only facebooking to do can be very boring and so it's a relief that this month has come to finally end that agony of waking up early to go to school only for the sake of attendance.

Then, there's Songkran Festival to look forward to falling on the 13th to the 15th of this month. I would say that this will be my first time to join this festivity although I have witnessed this a year ago when I first arrived here. If the plan pushes through, I will be spending this celebration with friends in Chiang Mai where they say Songkran is celebrated in superlative manner. What thrills me more about this trip is the thought that I will be having my first elephant ride experience. Yeeh! Isn't that cool?

And oh! On the 4th to the 6th, I am joining the school trip going to Hua Hin. This will be my second time to visit this tourist destination and I'm traveling for free again. This journey promises another unforgettable experiences visiting picturesque historical places in this land, basking under the sun in those cool beaches and feasting on those mouth-watering sea foods. 
On top of these, what makes this month even more significant is that, I'll be celebrating my one year of stay in this Land of Smiles, this beautiful kingdom called Thailand. This has been a blessed year and will be looking forward to spending more significant years ahead...more April full months to come.

enzo :)


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