Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 2 - The Street Party - 

Soaking Wet: Ready to Fight!
 I spent my very first Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai province - Northern part of Thailand. There were four of us who traveled together for a grand holiday - Hergy, Andy, Lottie and I. I already have shared some bits about the first day of my trip in my other blog site so in here, I will be sharing what transpired during the second day of my Songkran - Chiang Mai experience. 

Busy Streets: Even these cars are loaded with barrels of water.
After a relaxing walk around the Royal Park Rajapreuk, Hergy and I boarded on a taxi towards the party streets where Andy and Lottie waited for us with some other Filipino friends. The taxi was not able to bring us to our exact destination because the streets were already very crowded with people - many of them were foreigners armed with water guns, pails and water bottles ready to splash water to whoever they will caught sight of. On the streets, a war was happening and everybody was drenched and soaking wet not with blood but only with water. It was an all out WATER war. It was festive. 

Pinoys: Filipinos joining the festivity.
After we met all those who waited for us - we started to walk down the crowded streets of Chiang Mai heading to another party venue. Along the way, we weren't spared of the wrath of those water warriors we passed by. We, too were able to fire our water guns but only for a limited amount that it can't even equate the amount they splash over us with all the huge pails they were using. Along the way, there were different kinds of parties happening. There were stations for beer products, bottled water products and there were even beauty pageants sponsored by some beverage companies. We continued to walk along with the huge crowd. People were walking in the opposite directions. The two lane road was filled with so many people. It was literally full that we cannot even take a step. Momentarily, we had to stop.

Colored Water: They say, this canal water has been disinfected weeks before the celebration.
The walk was long but we didn't seem to notice its length because we were walking side by side with so many people - locals, foreigners of all ages. Then, we arrived in the ultimate party venue - the Central Mall. There were three platforms installed just few meters away from each other. In each of them, there were live bands playing in front of a huge mass of people. It was a real street party in the broad day light. I have never seen anything like it. Not a single party goer was dry - everybody was soaking wet while enjoying the beat of the music that filled the entire place under the big bright sun. 

The Stage: A huge crowd enjoys the live band.
As the party went on, waters continued to spill and splash drenching the roaring crowd. There was a real party mood. In the crowd, there were children enjoying the opportunity to play with water guns aiming to whoever they want without having to be reprimanded. I spotted young and old foreigners enjoying the ambiance. They were the favorite subjects of the locals and as I see it they too enjoyed the attention they were getting. There were police on guard who were very quick to assist some passing vehicles. There were some bottle pickers too who obviously took the chance to earn a living while others are enjoying. One thing that impressed me was that there was never anyone who ran amok due to alcohol influence although there was plentiful of it in the place and many were drinking too. When the clock struck 7 o'clock in the evening ( while the sun was still up...) the party ended and the police didn't have any hard time dispersing the crowd. Everybody seemed to understand that the party is over.  

Central Mall: A shot from the stairs capturing the numerous party goers.
As for me, I was among the crowd and I enjoyed every bit of the experience. Then, we headed back to our hotel ready to culminate the second day of the trip...but it was really not suppose to end yet because there was another tale to be told - Amazing Thailand: Chiang Mai - The Night Life Experience. 

Cool: Two hot to be cool!
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