Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ECSCI Class of 2011
 There were 11 of them  in my freshman advisory class four years ago - Rica, Myles, Krizza, Joannah, Marga, Mark, BJ, Justin, Joshua, Saidali and Marvin. It was the time when they have yet to decide how to behave in high school being "freshies". I still remember getting so annoyed in my class before because of their so childish behaviors.  Then, I saw them move from one level to the next. Two boys were added to the group - JR and Jed. On their Junior year, three (Rica, JR and Jed) moved out leaving only 9 of them to spend what would be their first JS Prom experience. 

Yesterday was to be their last day as high school students. They marched on the red carpet to receive their certificates. Ten of them including JR (returnee) graduated with flying colors in front of their proud parents and teachers in Enfant Cheri. I could only say - CONGRATULATIONS once again. 

Among the ten, Marga would be one of those whom I held dear as she has been with me since her elementary days because of Journalism. It continued until high school with all her other extra curricular activities such as the oratorical contest in BCWD, the modeling audition in Topland, and the many school based activities which she could not help but be the lead.  Yesterday, she delivered a very beautiful thanksgiving speech for her family, friends and teachers and surprisingly, including me.    

I wish to share an excerpt of it.
 To my teachers, TEACHERS, I LOVE YOU. You guys are actually sort of my big sisters and brothers. You appreciate me and act like my friends and that’s what I love so much about you! You are the best teachers in the WHOLE UNIVERSE.
To Sir Lorenzo who has been a great part of my life, although he is not here, I thank him for seeing a light in me – a light that lead to inspiring people and expressing myself through writing. I didn’t know I had it in me, ‘til I met him. He is one of my best teacher friends. I love you Sir Lor!
This is simply moving and I appreciate it a lot Marga. My warmest congratulations to you all.

Teacher Lorenz  :)


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