Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's just that no matter how we want a relationship to work, when it is not meant to be, never will it ever be. It has to come to the moment of saying " I Love You, Goodbye" which is a way of letting go, setting someone free, and moving on.

I have come to appreciate every word of this song when I went through a failed long distance relationship  in the middle of last year. A friend forwarded this video to me and I felt every line was all I want to express. Sad, very pathetic as a matter of fact yet it served me well. It helped me in coming to terms with the reality that some things will never  work out and that I have to release...give up.
Pain. It will always be there. Why? It will always be part of the process as we are all prone to feel this emotion. We are humans and because we are, sooner or later we will learn to forget as well. The healing process would relatively vary from one person to another, yet again, I  guess, things will all depend upon us whether we choose to dwell in such a painful state or set it aside and move ahead.

enzo :(


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