Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photo Credits: Karla Scrapz

It has been raining here since yesterday and the temperature dramatically dropped down from 30 Degree Celsius or something to 16 Degrees with constant rainfall and freezing wind. It's ironic that just as Summer makes its way down here, Winter stages a comeback with vengeance so to speak.

In times like this, one normally wants to do nothing but curl under his comforter and sleep the day away or huddle in front of the TV set, watch some really good films while sipping some hot soup or coffee. A rainy Thursday should have been a lazy day but (thankfully/unfortunately) not for me. 

Ironically again, I was in the classroom from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM doing straight classes with only 15-minute break for lunch. Technically, it was without lunch-break time but I just dismissed my student early so I can grab a quick bite at the nearby food court then back again for another three-hour session with another set of students.  My day was not yet to end because I had to move to another venue for another 1-hour session with another kid at 5:00 to 6:00 PM. That is simply hard work even during rainy days and I bet I have just defeated the "ants" in this industry story. I call it ironic because, this never happens during regular school days for at least most of the Filipino teachers here in Thailand.

Well, the best thing I like about working during wet season is that I don't actually sweat and I get this cool feeling all throughout the day. The students are kept in their seat hugging themselves for warmth so I don't get any high blood pressures just at least once in a while. The only downside is that I needed to go to the urinals like every after 15 minutes which is totally irritating.

Nonetheless, this day has been a great cold day and THANKFULLY, a busy day too.

enzo :)   


  1. Wow...U must be included in the world's best teachers hehe..ANyhow, hats off to you sir. Well done!