Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photo Credits: Google Images
 Blessings come in different forms...

They are in the laughter with friends... the smile of a stranger the giggles of a child the message of friends from afar the voices of your family from home the words of encouragements 

They are our jobs...
...our opportunities to do more jobs
...our skills and capabilities that allow us to earn more
...our friends who call us to let us earn a little more

A blessing is...
...time spent with nature
...moments spent in prayer hour in the couch watching a favorite film
...a chance to clean the house
...a KFC fried chicken dinner
...a spare time for fb, blogging, farmville and more

 I'm blessed. I thank the Almighty One.

enzo :)


  1. ... and you deserve all these blessings :)

  2. You are truly blessed, Enz and I'm blessed to have a friend like you.