Friday, January 14, 2011

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Thank God it's Friday!

Thank God that weekends are coming where I will have a longer time to linger in my bed at least until 8'oclock in the morning. Well, that might not be real whole day of sleep since I have classes at 9 o'clock the next day but that's another reason to thank God for.

While I have four classes on these days and though some groups are really composed of terrible students, the thought of not seeing them in the next 6 days gives me quite a consolation and relief.

Friday nights mean sitting still while surfing the net till the wee hours or staying in the couch while watching really good movies such as this: The Blind Side while munching anything that's available in the fridge.

Today is Friday and I'm super happy about it.


I just learned that all my classes are suspended because my students are on a trip which means this is going to be another FREE day for me.

Haaa...Thank God it's Friday.

enzo :)


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