Monday, January 10, 2011

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Now, I'm beginning to feel my belly growing flabby again. My breathing is somewhat irregular and I'm begginning to wear the old clothes I stacked in the cabinet for quite awhile. No...this isn't happening. I'm growing bigger again.

It looks good, even tastes better.
 I was successful in losing weight at the early months of my stay here. Those routines I patiently followed worked somehow: no breakfast, little amount of rice, just noodles for dinner and jogging. I shove off some waistline measurement and gets to wear body hugging shirts without the agony of holding myself from breathing. It went on for months until the holidays came and those habits have to be interrupted with eating, eating and eating. Those crabs, lobsters, pork and chicken barbecue are simply irresistible. These Thai foods are just so tempting I cannot help but give in every time they are laid on the table. The more I pull myself back from them, the more that I am pushed towards them. Then, without even noticing it, I fill my stomach with so much "gusto" trying to convince myself to go back to my regular exercise to get rid of the added fats of the day's consumption. The next day, nothing happens until the next invitation comes and there I go again undergoing the same dilemma but still ending up abiding the call of my taste buds.

How could you refuse such delight laid in front of you?
 The new year has come which is supposed to be the start of my long been postponed proposition but days had passed yet I still have to start anew with this exercise thing. Laziness always overcome every time I got the urge to do it. 

It only spells indulge...indulge...indulge.
 Must I jog again? I definitely know the answer. I must run from this slothful habit and get back to the track and jog for health. I just need to drag myself harder this time if I don't want to end up back to my fat old self once more.

enzo :)


  1. What a mouthful! lol.. Let's lose weight sir, shall we?

  2. We have the same dilemma. But today, just today, I started my diet. And I am hoping against all odds that I can start with my exercise routine before the day ends. :D

  3. nightblastz: let's go pat...let's start next week... :)

  4. ate jan: i hope to start my jogging next week again...grrrr... :(