Thursday, January 27, 2011


She fell into the promise of love and the promise of a better life at a young age. Going to school was not even an option anymore because the call to settle down was far louder than any other choices. She gladly became a wife at the age of 17. The thing is when one is young and is in loved; the whole world stops revolving, and life is not going to move on not unless one is given what he/she wanted. Tomorrow might not come so it was the perfect moment for love. "What about your future? You are still young. You can still pursue high school if you want." Her parents told her. But deaf was her ears to all those discouragements. Youth must always triumph, and she did...she did.

 She became a mom of one, then two, then three...then life. And as the cliche goes, life is not always a bed of roses. More often, it even offers us thorns to trudge on rather than smooth, sweet-smelling petals. Like a dried seed blown by unstable winds, she too, along with her family has to move to wherever there was an opportunity to grow but the soil  was always dry and the rain was hard to come by. Life was getting tougher, and the children were growing. Suddenly, gone was the beauty of a young lass, what was left was a picture of a young woman dragged into motherhood. 

She had to leave to earn a living for her family. She had to endure the pains of being away from her growing children just to make ends meet for them. One year, two years, and the children were growing. Sometimes, they see her, then they don't. Until there came a bigger opportunity to earn for more overseas. With only six years of elementary education, off she went with extraordinary guts and faith. All she had was the heart of a mother wanting only the best for her dearest ones. She took with her an inspiration of a bright future for her children...for her family. 

The war broke out, but she suppressed her fears not wanting to let go of that amount she would earn. Amidst the bang bang of guns and the canyon blasts, she opted to stay. No wars could ever scare her away. She is a mother. She has a family back home waiting for that amount she will send. But as the years have passed, the knot that tied between her and her behalf had gone weak too. And the saddest part has yet to come...

What else can stab the deepest recesses of a mother's heart than her children becoming a stranger to her? It is not the estrangement between her and him but it's the cold treatment of her once sweet little ones. She cannot blame them for that, after all she had been away for years. She was not there when they grew. She was there far-away to take care of someone else's kids rather than hers. She has to pay the price and it cost her much.

So whatever happened to all those promises a long time ago? They remained to be as unfulfilled promises. 

The thing is when one is young and is in loved; the whole world stops revolving, and life is not going to move on not unless one is given what he/she wanted. Youth must should find a way...then afterwards...LIFE.


  1. jose garcia villa kaayu ka renz. unforgettable? ☺

  2. this article is so true...reality bites :) very reflective of today's society...sad but true..

  3. thank you yani for dropping a comment...i appreciate it...

  4. sad truth about OFW. We worked far from house and our children inexchange of good life and worse is, the relationship with kids will suffer too.