Friday, December 31, 2010


I would like to consider that each year of my existence is a book containing my story for the whole year round. Just before I move on to begin with another, I would like to craft the summary of the year that was, just so to make an appropriate ending for the book that I am about to close and stack in the cabinet of my life history.

NSPC 2010: Proudly representing Caraga region.
February of this year when I received the award for being an Outstanding School Paper Adviser of the Philippines at Tagum City during the National Schools Press Conference. It was one of the proudest moments of my life and yet I was greatly humbled with the trust and confidence of Maam Dina, the Division English Coordinator of Butuan City and Dr. Biol, the Regional Journalism Coordinator of Caraga. Of course, I would not garner such an auspicious recognition without my winning Cherian staff since my first year as a Cherian adviser in 2004. Let me name few of them who contributed to my journalism laurels - Kristine Sy, Rudolph, Dean Beau, Margaret Ruelan, Rexie, KD, Quennie, Pam, Barbara, Marga  and the list goes on and on.Credits are also due to Junar and Lerah who were my partners in making the name of  The Cherian and The Cherian Pen glitter like no other.

Prom 2010: The Last Waltz by the Moonlight...
My would be last JS Promenade in school was a phenomenal success with The Last Waltz by the Moonlight which was later followed by the another well-acknowledged Graduation Ceremony of the 13 young lads and lasses who surely had a time of their lives during their last year in school with me as their adviser. It was also a privilege to share unforgettable moments with Eloise, Alexa, Sharm, Ingrid, Misheda, Alexis, Rosy (Crestine), Rob, Rexie, Aldwin, Gabby, Kevin and Hiro. Let me enumerate some of those monumental events: The Mythology Gods and Goddesses Show (1st Show), Talents Unlimited - Broadcasting and the 2nd Show of Gods and Goddesses, The Making of El Filibustrismo Movie, the record breaking - Caroling activity last Christmas, the pre and the post graduation parties and a lot lot more. Surely, these guys have made my last year in Enfant Cheri genuinely significant. Those six notable years in Enfant Cheri, I owe it to Teacher Rose, Teacher Flora and Teacher Nelly for giving me the chance to stay that long, enough to allow me to grow professionally, emotionally, physically (...though my hair has stopped growing...:)...) and more important - spiritually.

El Fili: During the making of the El Filibusterismo movie where a lot of actions and memories were recorded.
My Thailand sojourn has been made possible because there had been many generous hearts and hands whom God used to magnify that PRAYERS do move mountains. I would scribble THANK YOU to Sir Ronnie and Madam Titing Lagnada, Mam Bebot Abrea (my mentor, adviser, confidante, kumare and friend...), Pastora Helen and Pastor Edgar for both financial blessings and prayers, Mader Pablita Canashiro, Lingling Gacuma, Mamay Apduhan and Dennis my nephew. Thank you Sir David for opening the door of your humble abode for me.

G1: Simply gorgeous and fabulous!
While I spent most of the year 2010 away from home, I was constantly accompanied by my friends not just through the power of technology  but more importantly through the power of prayers. Jinky, Junar, Bellea, Grasya, Iby, Alfred, Regino, Gurly, Faith, Ate Renel.... Distance has never been an impediment to keep friendship, work, even business (right Iby?) alive. In my heart, I believe that I am kept in the prayers of Pastor Edgar Garcia, Teacher Carol, Ate Papet and Tita Jane.

P'lok Pinoys: From the album of Psyche Paradero.
I believe my coming to Phitsanulok is never an accident. It is in my conviction that God has planned for this. Thanks to Ajarn Sunee who has been instrumental in my coming to this place. While here I have met so many wonderful people with hearts accorded for the service of the Lord. I have made tighter connection with God through these newly found friends in SDA, I Mission and the SNFC. Many friends have opened financial opportunities such as Cheryl and Alona did and (I claim) will continue to do (hehehe..). I have found a family in Mheng and Nheng whom I am always thankful for just untiringly picking me from and bringing me back home in any occasion. My heart is overjoyed when I met few Thai Christians when I first attended the Bible Study much more when I attended the SDA Service, Hope Church and the Saint Nicholas Church where I met more Thai Christians. I am so much inspired by Ajarn Oi's testimony and her heart to serve.

Ajarns: With some of my colleagues in Buddhachinnarajpittaya School. 
At my workplace, I have developed a more lenient attitude towards my colleagues and students. I was able to show how a Filipino teacher works and hopefully they get a better impression out of me. Then, I started to blog, Thanks to Patrick for introducing to me this kind of thing which is actually a good avenue for self-expression and as Ate Janeth said,  "for earning" as well.

Papa and Mama: The wind beneath my wings.
As for my family back home, I believe they too are enjoying the best of health especially my father who has been through with a mild stroke before.

Of course, there had been untoward incidents that occurred this year, I met wrong people, been disappointed, got mad, suffered phobia, lost self - confidence,  felt lonely but I would rather dwell on the brighter sides of life because there are far more of them in my list rather than those not so good ones. I chose to forgive rather than hate. Well, to forget is another story anyway. But again as the scripture says, All things work together for good,  so no matter what they were, all of them just made this year a meaningful one.

Beautiful Life: Enjoying God's greatness last school break.
In summary, this year for me had been a year of friends and people and opportunities opened and blessings and I have one God, one Savior to thank for - JESUS CHRIST to whom all glory and adoration belongs.

enzo :)


  1. wow...such a wonderful year...i'm proud of you renz...PROMISE~!

  2. your rags to riches story lors.(i do not mean it literallly).... it will be truly inspirational.. hehehe... TATAng

  3. tang: i can tAKE this literally too --- :)

  4. mike: salamat sa bisita...

  5. maya: asa na man ka? been so silent in blogging these days...

  6. I will be good at English because of you.Thanks so much.

  7. Lorenz, you have such a wonderful life now. You seem to have adjusted to the life patterns of the new land you are in. What are your plans 4 your life in the future? I hope you have a clear view of where do you want to stay to be truly happy. Prepare for that life now.

  8. i thank God for your life.i might be so quiet this time, but deep inside i do always remember you.amping dong.

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