Thursday, December 30, 2010

One of the things that the Thai people are very good at is in the field of art. They have this keen sense of beauty and it shows in their exquisite landscapes, magnificent Buddhist temples, gigantic Buddha images, marvelous costumes, resplendent interior decorations, admirable artworks and many many more.

The Buddha and I: This huge Buddha image is built overlooking the pristine waters of Bankrut Beach.
Anywhere you go, their streets are well-defined and are evidently maintained with the trees at the street islands well-trimmed and groomed. The flowers blossom all throughout the year and they just go with every season. This month I can see all around me red and delightful poinsettias highlighting the Yuletide season.

P'lok by Night: The vibrant color of the night as captured by the lenses of Mr. Joma Cordova.
It is always amazing to visit Buddhist temples usually built on top of the mountains with stairways climbing to the very point where the temple is situated. If the Sistine Chapel in Rome had on its walls the scenes from Genesis and on its altar walls the Last Judgment created by the renowned Michelangelo, the Buddhist temples contain mural paintings depicting interesting stories about Buddhist deities and gods. You may check this site for more:
Way to Go: A quick snap and shot before moving on to the peak of these stairs.
An ordinary dance presentation becomes exciting because of the splendid costumes of the dancers. Boys become girls or girls become boys because of their superb make-ups. Where else in the world that in a Sport Day where everybody is expected to be in their most sporty attire, cheerleaders have transformed themselves into grand festival kings and queens. Recycled materials such as papers and plastics become sophisticated wearable due to the ingenuity of the students. The fruits and vegetables have become not only eatables but also decorating materials.
Show or Cheer. They aren't show girls in Las Vegas but are the Cheer Leaders in our school's Sports Day.

Elegance for Less: An elegant cocktail dress made of recycled paper and garbage bag worn by a contestant in celebration of the King's birthday. 
Pretty and Healthy: Fresh fruits and vegetables set as appetizers for the eyes of the contestants in the PTEEP held in Rhuean Phae Royal Park Hotel. 

I could enumerate more but I guess these pictures will tell you more rather than my limited description. Enjoy!

Deities: A view of a ceiling of a Buddhist temple.

Floral Arrangement: Obviously, they don't settle for less.

Sports and Pageantry: Taken during the All Phitsanulok Public Schools' Sports Day with Shiela and Del of Chulaphorn University.