Thursday, December 30, 2010

I just got home from our school's Pre-New Year Party where a lot of home appliances, pieces of jewelry and many others were given away for free. Luckily, I was one of those who ran away home with one of those prizes only I did not get the washing machine which I really needed nor a piece of jewelry which I really wanted. I just got a pillow comforter for traveling which is really on the least of my Christmas wish list, definitely one of those many others that I failed to enumerate above.

While the party was on going and some prizes had been given away, I told God that I really wanted a washing machine so I don't need to pay 30 baht every time I do my laundry. I even claimed my luck telling myself that among these people who are here, I am the luckiest because I have a GOD who answers prayers. And the party went on...

After a while I heard my name was called only to find out that I got nothing but a C shaped pillow to my disappointment. I began to think of the TV, microwave, blender, the necklace which were given out. I thought - one of those could have been mine apart from this seemingly useless pillow.

Then, the moment for the washing machine to be given out. A name was called and everybody cheered for the lucky one who got the very thing that I wanted among those prizes. She came forward towards the stage, excited, running at times obviously still she can't contain her elation for the gift she just received. She was still in her working uniform. She was one of our SCHOOL JANITORS.

And I stopped questioning. It's as if someone whispered to me that "someone out there needs that more than how you need it for yourself." A Thai teacher said and I quote, "If you got the washing machine, you will just wash and wash whereas this pillow makes you sleep and sleep."

It all makes sense to me. There is a reason for everything. When you asked something from heaven and is not given, maybe because God is bound to give you much better. Maybe, someone out there deserves to be given - not because God does not favor's because God sees that you have more and others have less.


  1. so moving...just what i needed right now...a very wonderful reminder...thanks for sharing this renz~!