Sunday, December 19, 2010

PHITSANULOK, Thailand. Pure fun and laughter and genuine Pinoy spirit of Christmas filled Rueantala Function Hall of Ruean Phae Royal Park Hotel as P'lok Pinoyz of Phitsanulok celebrated Paskong Pinoy, December 18.

The singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the Opening Prayer led by Mr. Jared Teves formally opened the joyous event which was then followed by the Words of Welcome of Mr. Patrick John Benliro, PRO of P'lok Pinoy Council.

The dinner was served at around 7:30 in the evening which also gave opportunity for the attendees to chat and mingle with each other while enjoying the sumptuous meal.

In her Christmas greetings, Miss Leah Doysabas, president of P'lok Pinoyz Council expressed her overwhelming joy about the positive response of the Filipino community in the council's first grand Filipino gathering.

Paskong Pinoy was even felt with the game facilitated by Andy Cubalit and Letty Comeros also officers of P'lok Pinoy Council. More highlights of the event were the presentations of the three organizations of Phitsanulok Pinoyz. The I Mission rendered a choral and a dance presentation, the SDA caroled the crowd with Hark the Herald while the SNCFC performed a contemporary interpretation of The Nativity Story and Paskong Pinoy song number. Mr. Paulo Masangcay was also awarded as the winner of the P'lok Pinoy Council logo making contest.

Meanwhile, the men and women became little kids once again as they excitedly opened their respective gifts in the Kris Kringle time and as if to print all actions in photos, everybody posed for more in the pictorial session.

"To be disunited is easy and its fruit is always ugly, to be united is difficult but its fruit is always beautiful" thus quoted Mr. Stephen Luri Mercado, representative of I Mission to P'lok Pinoy Council in his closing words right after the heartwarming community singing of Paskong Pinoy. A closing prayer was also administered by Mr. Mercado to formally conclude the occasion.

The Christmas gold, red and green themed party was hosted by Miss Sarah Jane Benliro (SNCFC), Lorenzo Caballes, Jr. (I Mission) and Mr. Jiggs Paradero (SDA).


  1. a fun-filled party indeed, Merry Christmas Enzo, God Bless :-)

  2. well done dong...merry christmas :)