Friday, September 26, 2014

Why I Support #boycott Bench Campaign

My own Bench collection
I am a Bench fanatic. From socks, underwear, shorts, shirts, jeans and perfume I usually go to their shops because aside from being trendy, their price-tags are more affordable compared to those signature foreign brands like Lacoste, Marks and Spencer, etc. Quality wise, it is not disappointing. Some of those jeans that I'd bought some years ago are still with me until now and they are definitely wearable still. I particularly love Bench 8 body spray and I wear the scent everyday to work. I'm a fan! I definitely am.

But why do I support this #boycott campaign? Because I join them as...

Seriously, there are more far-better concepts than those what has been presented in their recently concluded fashion event. Concepts that are classy and elegant. Concepts that promote respect and human value and never demoralizing nor degrading anybody. 

I am still a fan of the product, but not until they change their promotional strategy, then I won't spend a dime for them just yet.

That's the naked truth.


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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Youth group starts BENCH boycott campaign


An online boycott campaign against Bench is starting to make rounds in Facebook that says "Bench, please bring classy back" in response to the company's underwear show-The Naked Truth held on Saturday, September 20 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Bench, one of the leading clothing brands in the Philippines, have received negative feedback about segments in the recently concluded show including the part where Coco Martin walking onstage with a model in her underwear, wearing a leash. Many also condemned the part where two models kissed each other onstage citing that the scene was degrading and dehumanizing portrayal of women. 

In their Facebook page, YouthPinoy, a website for Filipino Catholic Youth, posted their slogan with this headline: "When you disrespect a person's body, you disrespect the person. Bench, please bring the "classy" back" and was then followed with a hash tag "boycottbench".

Below is the slogan:

The campaign has already garnered support from its members.

As of this posting, the photo drive has already earned more than 400 likes and more than 200 shares. 

To know more about YouthPinoy or if you want to join the crusade, you may visit their website or like their FB Page.


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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ASEAN Day in Phitsanulok Pittayakom School

ASEAN Day is a big event in most schools here in Thailand. So being the forerunner of the program is in itself a gigantic task much specially for a newbie like myself. You can only imagine the pressure piling up each day as the day came nearer and nearer. Not that I am inexperienced with this kind of task but the fact that for many years this celebration has been handled perfectly by the initiators of this annual event, I could not help but be scared. After all, I have such "a big shoe" to fill in, so to speak.

Two main events were lined up for that day - the ASEAN Quiz and the  ASEAN Voice Singing Competition. But before the main events was the preliminary - Opening Ceremony where we showcased Filipino culture through music and dances. 

The photos below will tell you more how the event transpired.

The Parade of the 10 ASEAN Nations
The Singing of the ASEAN Way
Philippine Folk Song: Leron Leron Sinta

Philippine Folk Dance: Subli

Philippine Folk Dance: Carinosa

ASEAN Voice (Junior High): Ngayong Nandito Ka
ASEAN Voice (Junior High): Hawak Kamay

ASEAN Voice (Senior High): Gaya ng Dati

ASEAN Voice (Senior High): Di Mahatariku
Masters of Ceremony

Pose for the Camera

Baro't Saya
Board of Judges: Filipino University Lecturers

The Working Committee
The Working Committee
29 August, 2014 was the very day that all the preparations were put into reality and all the efforts were paid off.  Credits go to all my Filipino colleagues who extended their helping hand as how they did in the previous years. It would have not been that successful if without them and of course without the guidance of the administrators of the ASEAN office - Ajarn Rudee and Ajarn Wanida.

And oh, did you feel like it's the culmination of the "Buwan ng Wika (Language Month)" with all those students and teachers wearing Filipiniana costumes? Simply put: it's our own little way of sharing the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines to our students here in Thailand. 


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Monday, September 22, 2014

Helpful Gas Attendants in SLEX earn admiration

The thing about working overseas is that we get to develop strong sense of patriotism. I don't know if it's only me but hearing good things about Philippines just gives me this feeling of great joy and pride. But that's not case most often because with all the political bruhaha, news of left and right corruption in the government, the never-ending calamities and crimes, it's more like hope goes down to its lowest level most of the time.

But this story is different. In Facebook, Mei Pop shared this story: 

From Mei Pop's FB page
Faith in humanity restored.

While I was preoccupied by so many things and SLEx was almost zero visibility because of the typhoon, I forgot that I had to make a pitstop to get cash from an ATM at a gas station just before my exit at Southwoods. That's after making a mental note that I had to do it since I only had 90 bucks on me and I need 62 bucks more to pay the toll fee. Rattled, I decided to go to the next and last gas station southbound, which was two exits away from where I was, only to find out from the gasoline boys, after briefly telling them about my problem, that no ATM machines were available there.

So I parked the car as panic was rapidly setting in and tried to contact my husband for SOS. At that point, one of the gasoline boys came up to me. Upon rolling the window down, I saw that he was handing over a few 20 bucks and said that he and the others chipped in in order to help me and that they were hoping that the money amounting to a hundred is enough for me to take the next exit and look for an ATM machine.

I was so moved by their kindness, knowing that the money could've easily been a big portion of their very limited allowance for the night. Tearing up, I told him that I will get cash and bring their money back right away. To which he responded with "hindi ma'am, tulong na po namin yan sa inyo."

I didn't know what else to say. I felt like thank you will never be enough for the kind of compassion they extended towards a stranger like me.

After finally being able to get money, I went back to Caltex as promised. They didn't want the money back but I insisted. I tried to offer a little extra too but they said that they helped me without expecting anything in return. I was simply floored at how amazing these people are!

Thank you again, Shaun, Joel, Orly and Rendel! All of you are living testaments that there indeed is hope for humankind. There should be more people like you! I can never thank you enough. Ever.

Now, this is something that I want to hear and read about my country. This is something worth sharing, indeed.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cheers to the Term Break

Exams Week

Just few days more and the first term of the school year ends. Yes! I could finally say that I have survived the first five months in my new school - the "boys school" no less. It is quite a transition I must admit, having taught at the "girls school" for two years. As they say - boys are from Mars and girls are from Venus because they live  totally from distinct worlds. As for my part, the experience itself is both interesting and challenging in the sense that there's a big disparity in teaching between boys and girls when it comes to their learning styles and attitude. But that's where the "challenge" comes in and I'm not backing out (wink).


My first year in Buddhachinnaraj School was the turning point of my teaching - a real baptism of fire, indeed. Having only 15 students under my advisory class back in the Philippines, it was a shock for me to face more than 50 students in a classroom who had difficulty in digesting my lessons because of language problem. The positive part is that the Thai teachers in the department were all supportive so it made my adjustment period pretty fine and while I mentioned that there were students who require more efforts to teach, there were also students who made those 2 years worthy to reminisce.

These are just few of my students who made my 2-year stay
in Buddhachinnaraj School worthwhile.

The experience in Chalermkwansatree School was real smooth because I had the chance to teach students who are under the English Program (EP). Not only do the students have better facility of the English language, let's face it "girls" are the loveliest creatures to teach (no offense to the boys meant in here) :).

LE Family. They call themselves Lok Enzo (Enzo's Children).
 What could be more sweeter than that?

So far, so good

Being here now in Phitsanulok Pittayakom School means a lot of things for me - new school, new students, new beginning, new experiences, new challenges. These past five months have given me much of them already and so far - they have been very good. 

And I'm looking forward to having more of them but for the mean time - let me enjoy my term break first! 

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